Breaking Ground!

Progress is being made at Raresight Farms! Our road is being put in, and the last of the stumps and debris are being cleared away. One of the things that has been accomplished is a full, detailed map of the public side of our farm – Raresight Retreat. We want people not just to enjoy our produce and craftworks, but enjoy our farm as an experience! To that end, we've tried to come up with a fun and fancy layout and a variety of ways to show off our unique (and a bit eccentric!) charm.

The Stays

• Two genuine Amish-built cedar cabins, the larger two-storied and the smaller with a bonus loft. We are tentatively going with 'Cabin Autumnalia', nestled among shrubs and grasses that stay orange-red all year round, and Silverspring Cabin, amidst pale silvery foliage and flowers. Both will have two queen beds, a kitchenette, half bath with shower, a wood-burning stove, outdoor fireside seating, and be decorated to match their particular themes!

• Four camp

sites on our creek! Two of these will be 'Glampsites' with all-season canvas tents, queensize beds, and furnishings; the other two as regular bring-your-tent campsites. Each one will have their own fire pit and grill, and access to running water, electricity, and bathrooms.

• Three RV pads with full hookup, right across from our pond!

The Amenities

• Speaking of which... The pond! We are earth damming and filling a ravine to create a one acre pond with a very natural shoreline. It will be stocked for fishing with bass, trout, bluegill, and catfish, and have swimable areas marked off on the shallow side! As we aren't fans of sterile-looking, mown-grass-to-the-edge man made ponds, we will be planting a large variety of native flora, including cattails, bald cypress, button bush, coral honeysuckle, marsh hibiscus, arrow arum, watercress, and waterlily along the water's edge. Don't be surprised by a plethora of frogs and a heron or two!

• Picnic areas are also on our list. We intend to create several mini-parks, complete with tables, night lighting, and family friendly games such as horseshoes, cornhole, and giant checkers! Three spots are planned – Road's End Picnic Area, between the campsites and RVs, Skywalk Picnic Area between the two cabins (with an actual suspended footbridge from there to the trails!), and a pondside Picnic Area (name pending) which sits on a natural peninsula, surrounded by water.

• And of course, the trails! We will have just under a mile of walking paths around Raresight Retreat, leading to and from the parks, around the pond, and up to the farm store.

• Our lovely farm store, filled to the brim with beautiful heirloom veggies, fresh rainbow eggs, woodwork, fiber arts and handspun yarn, homemade spice blends and hot sauces, and more! This will also include a plant nursery, where you can buy seedlings of our wide variety of rare food crops, and the seeds themselves for those wanting to propagate from scratch. While in-store hours will be limited (at first!), our self-serve patio will be open 24/7, for those comfortable with the honor system. We also intend to hold classes here, in everything from spinning and tanning to primitive arts.

• Right next to the farm store will be our forge. Yes, that's right – a genuine working forge, where visitors can watch metalwork in process, or even commission something unique to take home. We may hold classes here, as well.

• While not available for the first year, and likely not the second, we will be growing a U-Pick Brambleberry patch, filled with surprising varieties. White blackberries, golden raspberries, champagne-pink currants, transparent gooseberries, husk-wrapped poha berries, pink lemonade blueberries, salmonberries, wineberries, thimbleberries, honeyberries, etc!

Our goal is to provide visitors with relaxing surroundings, but also to educate. We are called Raresight because everything here is a rare sight – not because these things are new, but because they have been forgotten. We want to bring these vegetables, grains, fruit, these breeds of livestock, back to the public. Many are rare to the point of being in jeopardy of being lost forever. We want people to see what, instead of being lost, could be found again.

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