Rare Heirloom Vegetables + Fruits


Heirlooms are open-pollinated, GMO-Free varieties produced over the years by saving seed from only the best plants. We at Raresight want to offer you these unique, beautiful, and delicious fruits and vegetables to grow in your own garden! Our goal is to provide you a chance to both to open your eyes to these delights and to keep these rare varieties in circulation. Many of these hidden gems are so scarce that they are endangered of going extinct! We are proud to carry on the tradition of growing rare heirloom plants, and want to pass that gift on to you.

Below you will find links to each vegetable or fruit family that we have available. Just click on the photos for details about the individual varieties we have on hand for purchase. We currently sell our seedlings and young plants within San Diego county, available for local pickup.

While we grow hundreds of varieties for you to take home, our Micro-farm doesn't have the scale to farm each of these crops to full harvest size. Therefore we'd like to thank Baker Creek in Missouri for generously allowing us the use of their photographs of these rare heirlooms! In the meantime, we will be rotating different varieties per season to provide a selection of fresh produce at market as available. Come sample these delightful delicacies and grow some for yourself!

Raresight Farms Watermelons