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Spring Will Be Here... Eventually!

With the weather flipping between freezing temps and warm days, getting a garden started can be a little tricky. This week, we will be starting pepper seeds indoors! Many variety of peppers have a long germination rate, and benefit from heat during that time. So we are starting them well early of our outdoor planting season here in Zone 6b!

Meanwhile, while our endangered Ogye chickens have slowed down their lay rate during the winter, we are pulling out our incubators. As soon as they start up again, we will be ready to hatch! We are currently in-process of getting our NPIP license - which means we will be able to ship chicks within the US. What an easy way to share this rare breed with others!

As the year gears up for the farm, we are also on the lookout for vending opportunities. Local craft shows, farm swap days with vendors, etc - we will be adding them to our calendar. As we book our booth sites, we will post them here, so that those of you local to us can come and say hi!

This dreary weather has been perfect for staying indoors and crafting, so we will have quite a few new things on our tables - from leather belt bags, to UV/blacklight reactive dyed wool roving, to pretty leather hair clasps. And don't forget the spices!

What projects are you doing this season?

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