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White Veggies for the Lunar New Year!

For the Lunar New Year, let's celebrate white vegetables!

Heirloom vegetables come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When you think of white vegetables, some of the staples are Cauliflower, Onions, Rice, Potatoes and Garlic. But many other Heirloom foods can be white as well!

Here are some of the white fruits and vegetables grown here at Raresight Farms:

• Lunar White Carrot

• Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon

• White Tomesol Tomato

• Miniature White Cucumber

• Blondy Okra

• White Mulberry

• Avalanche Beet

• Casper Eggplant

• White Glory Snake Gourd

• Unzen Flat Onion

• and lots more! Try them out in our Store!

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