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Korean Ogye Hatching Eggs

Our beautiful and rare foundation flock of fibromelanistic (black-fleshed) Ogye are now laying! We are currently getting over two dozen light tan eggs a week. While we won't be incubating for chicks this year, hatching eggs are available for $120/ per dozen, and we include any extras laid on the day of shipping! Shipping is a flat rate of $16 anywhere in the Continental US.

We cull heavily to maintain quality in our breeding flock. However, if you are familiar with other fibromelanistic breeds such as the Ayam Cemani or Svart Hona, you will know that it's impossible to completely eliminate the chance of chicks born with white toes. While these toes will darken to black towards adulthood, we recommend removing those birds from your breeding stock to maintain the quality of this rare breed. We use our own cull birds in our meat pen - for, after all, the Ogye is a traditional meat breed, and keeping an eye on the quality of meat produced is also important to us!

There is also the possibility of a Birchen chick hatching. You will be able to spot these chicks by the lighter belly feathers compared to their hatchmates. Good news! Birchen is an traditional, approved color for Korean Ogye! Any Birchen we hatch will be going to our Birchen project pen for the improvement of the color for the breed, so feel lucky if you get one!

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